As I was working on a piece I realized that when I moved into the thought pattern of wanting to make sure I was following the “rules” of the craft (i.e. flow of lines, proper integration of an element, etc) I began to feel like I was losing the artistic expression and becoming a bit craftier in my approach (no judgement here). It is true that there is a craft to mosaics, and I feel that I have to put in a lot more time in practice – before I can truly the craft helps me to let go into the freedom of artistic expression. What I am getting at is supported by many who comment on the distinction of craft and art. I sense/feel this distinction when I am employing the craft and finding my way towards art. However, the craft supports my artistic expression. When I try to be “perfect” in craft my sense of expressing myself artistically moves further away. For me it registers viscerally and emotionally.

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