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Of lately I have been developing a body of works in which I explore clouds in mosaics. This is different for me. I much prefer creating a piece and moving on to creating another – and they most likely will not be related other than in connection with personal growth. At the suggestion of my mother and other artists – I decided to pick a topic, play and explore and watch what evolves within that framework. It’s interesting… I am now in the process of combining some of the learning from my more playful pieces of work.

[from left to right: Crab in the Sky; Sky Rockets; DaVinci; Swimming in Air]

Deliberate practice is systematic and purposeful. It requires me to focus my attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving my mosaic techniques. The playfulness and quality develops with each piece. It sometimes feels repetitive in subject and as such, boring. However, I can see and feel my development with continued discipline which brings me a sense of joy, satisfaction and more excellence in my work.

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