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Artist Statement
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My artistic subjects revolve around the forces that propel me in life changes. Maybe

it is abstract and mythological relationships that are pulled out of the

depth of what I cannot seen. When I step out of the way I feel transformed

by the divine nature of what is revealed. As I hammer, snip, score and

break my materials using dynamic colors in minerals, stones, glass, and even

incorporate found objects.  


There is something profound about the process of manifesting what I call a “spirit”

mosaic. Expressions come to me in dreams or through a bug walking across the


They fly across my consciousness to hunt in the night, or they lay dormant waiting for the moment when the signs are aligned just so.  At times I find the story in a found object.


I love the visceral quality of creating mosaic art. It grounds me and is integrated in the creative conversation with my mind and spirit. The rise and fall of the hammer over the hardy, listening to the sound, getting the intended and unintended shapes, lets me know that my creativity is actual, yet always a surprise.


Wasentha commands your attention with a combination of quiet charisma and empathy. As a teacher she imparts her knowledge and wisdom with confidence and humor.

Marty Somberg

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