Artist Statement
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I love the challenge of creating movement from what seems to be ridged materials, and delight in the push and pull my eyes experience interplaying with the colors, glistening, intended or unintended shapes in my mosaic work. Sometimes my pieces create a pleasing journey while other times leave my eyes with nowhere to rest.

My creative subjects embrace transformation and the graceful or chaotic dynamics of energetic forces. Working in themes and subject spontaneity offer me opportunities for development and the gratification of expressing fleeting outbursts of interests. The visceral quality of the rise and fall of the hammer over the hardy, in an the almost lyrical/rhythmic way, offers me an artistic sense of meditation in motion. As I select materials, placement, the flow of lines to express a feeling, I am led into a space of balanced analytical and unpredictable expression that seems to settle my spirit. When a piece is finished it stands alone – uniquely - as a mosaic work of art.

Thematically, my body of works was focused on clouds; as they can be gentle, foreboding, diffused, appear solid, graceful, violent, and at times appear still, but are always in motion. As change will have it, I have just started a new body of works that will focus on masks depicting the African/American experience.

My “fleeting” interests, much to my surprise, also have a theme – Power. Creating those pieces I find myself “driven”, often focusing on the concepts of time, symbolism, rites of passage, or some sort of shamanic spirituality. I believe my mask series will embody all of these interests.


Wasentha commands your attention with a combination of quiet charisma and empathy. As a teacher she imparts her knowledge and wisdom with confidence and humor.

Marty Somberg